We start on August 11th

Can you relate to these ? 

  • You want to manifest your dream life, but you don’t know what to start with.
  • You heard you can’t manifest your desire if you don’t align with what you want and make your frequencies higher.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the desires you have, there is too many of them.
  • You feel stuck with which “methods” to use and just don’t want to wait anymore.
  • The idea of passing too much time at it feels like it is impossible for you.
  • You manifested before but you just want a simple and easy way to understand how. 
  • You tried to manifest before but you didn’t feel like you succeed.

I got you bestie, I’ve been there too ! 

I’ve studied manifesation for years and was stuck on law of attraction during a lot of that time. Not always getting what i wanted. 

But I knew there was a better way available. That couldn’t be it all, right ? 

I was conditioned to think it couldn’t be as easy as affirming to change my state. And of course, because it was also an assumption, it was true for me ! Until I finally bumped into law of assumption and discovered it could be as easy and fast as i said it would be. 

… And guess what ?

It worked for me ! On so many levels. I got out of depression, stopped my OCD, made myself happier, renewed my purpose, lost 20 kg, felt more gorgeous than ever and even manifested dates in only a year. 

I went from depressed and lost in my life after a break up… to fuel my drive and thriving more and more. I’m not stopping here bestie and I want to embark you with me in this adventure. 


This is the reason i created this accessible group challenge !

I want to remove assumptions that are in your way between you and your manifesations, make an easier way with only one affirmation to get everything that you desire and challenge you do commit to it for a week so you can already see the many things you can manifest during that time !

Now that affirmation “Isn’t it wonderful ?” is from Neville Goddard, one the most famous pioneer of Law of Assumption 

We start on August 11th