Léopoldine Wild

Léopoldine Wild is a Manifestation Coach & Author of the manifestation book « Full Moon » (only available in French for now).

Former Naturopath, specialized in emotions and endometriosis, she continued to follow her passions and own experience that led her to focus on coaching and mindset.

Summer 2020, she hit what is usually called a dark night of the soul.

She used the law of « attraction » and « assumptions » to shape her reality, her life turning upside down in a good way once again. Starting with her mindset and self-love to bit by bit transformed every area of her life. Walking the path. Experimenting in her life, what she learned and still learn seeing it in a different light now than 10 years before. 

Making her teaching accessible to EVERYONE by make it easy, effortless and fun as possible. 

My 1:1 coaching

How to work with me ? 1:1 coaching by mail or call  is the answer !

I created different opportunities to work with me to manifest the life of your dream  either on call or by mail. I use mainly the Law of Assumption, but also the Law of Attraction, meditations and subconscious work.

Together we’ll shift your reality and eliminate any resistance as if it never existed. Wait… What resis… ?! Nothing !


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