Léopoldine Wild

I’m Léopoldine Wild , your new favorite Manifestation Coach 

Former Naturopath, specialized in emotions and endometriosis, I continued to follow my passions and own experience that led me to focus on coaching and mindset.

Summer 2020, I hit what is sometimes called a dark night of the soul.

I used the law of “attraction” and only the law of “assumptions” since 2022 to shape my reality.  Turning my life upside down in the way I desired. Starting with getting out of depression, losing weight and getting rid of an OCD… to bit by bit transformed every other area of my life. Walking the path. Experimenting in my life, what I learned and still learn seeing it in a different light now than 10 years before. 

Making my teaching accessible to EVERYONE by make it easy, effortless and fun as possible. 

My 1:1 coaching

How to work with me ? 1:1 coaching by mail is the answer !

I created different opportunities to work with me to manifest the life of your dream by mail. I am based on the law of assumption and use mostly affirmations, scenes or conversations.

Together we’ll shift your reality and eliminate any resistance as if it never existed. Wait… What resist… ?! Nothing !


Let's stay in touch !

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I’m so happy to have you here, I hope my videos, coaching and newsletter will help you shift to the best version of yourself. 

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